If at any time you need help during the donation process please call the TCF offices at (970) 728-4864. 

Click on the "Donate" button and it will take you to a screen where you will enter in the dollar amount of the donation and you will either sign into your paypal account or you can choose to donate with your credit or debit card.

 Next Donors Enter Their Billing Information or They Log In to PayPal

PayPal displays a billing information/log-in page, which lets donors enter their credit card information or log in to PayPal to pay.

Figure 4. Donors Enter Their Billing information or Log In to PayPal

For Donate buttons, the PayPal billing information/log-in page shows transaction details near the top, such as the name of the contribution and the contribution total.

If donors are satisfied with the details, they do one of the following to select a payment method:

  • To pay with a credit card – Donors enter their billing information. They also enter their contact information – email address and home phone number– so that PayPal can send them their PayPal transaction receipts and can contact them if necessary to complete the transaction. Then, they click the Review Order and Continue button.

  • To pay with a PayPal account – Donors enter their PayPal credentials and click the Log in button.

In this case, Mary is satisfied with her contribution to Friends of the Park in the amount of $25.00 USD. She enters her billing and contact information, and then she clicks the Review Order and Continue button.

2 – Donors Confirm Their Contribution Details Before Paying

PayPal displays a transaction confirmation page to let donors confirm the details before they complete their transactions and authorize their payments.

Figure 5. Donors Confirm Their Contribution Details Before Paying



In this case, Mary reviews the transaction details clicks the Pay Now button to complete the transaction and make her payment.

3 – Donors View and Print Their PayPal Contribution Confirmations

PayPal displays a payment confirmation page after donors pay to let them know that they have made their contributions successfully.

Figure 6. Donors View Their Donation Confirmations

From the payment confirmation page, donors can:

  • View the PayPal Confirmation number – the transaction ID – to reconcile their payments.

  • Click the View Printable Receipt link to print receipts for their records.

    Figure 7. Donors Print Their PayPal Contribution Receipts

    In this case, Mary prints the PayPal contribution receipt for her records.

End – Donors Receive Contribution Authorization Notices by Email


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