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-Not free; committed to something that has previously been planned or arranged and so unable to undertake another activity         

“Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, creeps in this petty pace from day to day”-Macbeth (Act 5 Scene 5)
I took a bit of liberty with that line and said, “Tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow, rushes in this accelerated race from day to …oh. Did that one end already?”

     Have you ever experienced a time in your life when the days seem to run together?  Sometimes, we face responsibilities which require our attention for a season. However, there are times we choose to over commit. Without even realizing it, we can get so busy doing stuff that we just might lose ourselves in the process. I used the word stuff to mean Several Things Until Faith Fails . That’s the point in time where we begin to neglect our self, stop communicating with our Father, forgetting things, becoming angry, frustrated, hopeless and so on.  Remember, one of the first keys to obtaining order in your lives is to collaborate with God. 

Psalm 119:133 says, “Guide my steps by your word,   so I will not be overcome by evil.” (NLT) 

Interestingly, the word evil used in that scripture means to pant (hence to exert oneself, usually in vain; to come to naught). (Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible)

By allowing time to both talk and listen to God, we will be able to sort out the stuff and do the thing (Taking Holy Inspiration N God ) He has planned for us.

If you find yourself resembling these statements,  here’s a challenge: make an inventory of the stuff you do, sit down for a collaboration meeting with God, ask Him to guide your steps, write down what you feel you’ve heard from the Lord , seek wise counsel  then bravely make the applications where needed. At first, it may seem easier said than done, but once you’ve begun to live out the change you’ll find you can “breathe” a little easier.

-Suella Steger

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